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Negative ion air purifier
Negative ion air purifier
Negative ion air purifier
Negative ion air purifier
Negative ion air purifier

Negative Ion Air Purifier

220VUS220V US
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Negative Ion Air Purifier- Pink

Samme Ionizer Mini Air Purifiers rely on the chemical properties of ions. The air ionizers generate negative ions using electricity and then release them into the air.

This product line does not use chemical reagents. Instead, it releases negative ions through physical means to eliminate odours, freshen the air, and increase the content of negative ions in the air so you can enjoy the fresh forest air at home. hese negative ions attach themselves to positively charged elements in the room, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens.

Small, fashionable designs with high negative ion concentration can be placed in the office, study and other places of work and life.

Product Features

Easy to use: One button control stops and continuously releases negative ions; with a start indicator. Every 2 hours of operation, it automatically contains 20 minutes and continues to cycle.

Reduced indoor air pollution: Portable air purifier, offering the best air ionization technology on the market to kill microorganisms, including most bacteria, protozoa, fungi and molds, commonly found in commercial and residential premises.

Automatic command: Incorporated with the latest technology, this negative ion air purifier uses a smart chip to effectively control the device to generate more than 20 million negative ions, achieving a purification effect of about 30 cubic meters of air.

Suitable for any crowd: You can use it at home, put it in your backpack and use it on the go or even in your car, as long as it has a pluggable power supply. Super portable option anywhere, anytime.


Package Weight300.00g
Product size80 x 55 x 139mm
Rated voltage220V / 50Hz
Rated power2W
Plug TypeUS Plug, it applies to Canada, India, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States, the Philippines and so on.
Negative ion release formelectrode pad + guide pin
Amount of negative ionsmeasured more than 12 million
Power source220V ~ 50HZ
Fan modelDC12V, 4010
Control methodsingle button
Plug specificationsUS regulations